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A gate through Time.

Humanity has been in this misery for over two years now. Life moves through time, from lockdown to lockdown.

The human mind is stretched further and further and more and more claims are made on the resilience.

Like an elastic band that is constantly stretched and stretched to the limit.

The Time is still not there, when the elastic bands snap and all the loose ends wander around the earth powerlessly or, conversely, fighting spirit.

But that everything is tense is a fact.

Time is running out for those who allow themselves to be boosted. They become more and more lost and dazed in Time.

As loose fragments of “Self elements”, yearning for wholeness, but restlessness falls… Further in Time.

Shortly within Earth Time, the new cabinet will be installed. The Time for this is apparently January 10, 2022.

One is in a hurry and sits on the Time. As many people as possible should be boosted, as the patent on their soul and salvation is then guaranteed and in the possession of the government.

The government as a false benefactor, unconscious soulless victims, supposedly accompanying through this terrible pandemic Time.

The new finance minister. Installed at exactly the right time, it rings all bells with those who have allowed themselves to be declared autonomous.

From a man with whom we could still have some compassion because his son is (or has been) so seriously ill, we go to a blond wolf in furry sheep's clothing.

They struggle with Time.

They worry about Time.

Ministry of Finance is a big boy (uh...after January 10th “girl”), who is going to seal all the openings and try to make it impossible to free you any longer within the earthly slave system.

The total population must and will be made dependent on the governments of the world.

The many awakened ones who increasingly see through the game are frolicking with Time to get their message among humanity and to unite into a great strong, spiritually awake power.

The time teaches them again that many predictions do not come true and that bundling is done out of silent impotence. They go round in time.

The frequencies on planet earth are rising, but not fast enough. Time is running out to save and wake up as many people as possible, against their better judgement.

Later in Time, the Timelines will move towards each other with the sad conclusion that every unconscious process of every human being, encloses itself and thus gets stuck, within Earth and Astral Time.

Even more Soul Time is then needed, resulting in many more earthly, lived lives.

To come to the same point as NOW within Time.

Time is running out in space. There is too much space waste around planet earth.

Apparently there are already about 30,000 satellites and pieces of debris floating around the earth.

And maybe a lot more.

Have those rich people not only polluted and poisoned our beautiful planet, they also sully the beautiful space with their power-soaked, soggy hands.

Time is getting tight. The Earth's atmosphere is getting harder and harder and humanity more and more stuffy. The tribulation is omnipresent and not yet over.

Humanity tends to get stuck on planet Earth, which has been quarantined for so long. The "species" craving for power and eternal life is the common factor that has brought humans and reptiles together in an extraterrestrial good blood covenant.

And yet everything proceeds according to the correct Cosmic and Divine Time.

Crisp explosions of light in the stars release high vibrations of Light.

Pulsating currents of energy are gradually reaching our Earth's atmosphere. The forces between Light and dark are ramping up the battle to the fullest, in which the Light is only present.

Quietly present in the heat of the Battle. Which is yet to come.

The Light does not struggle in earthly Time and space. The Light is only in the battle waged by the dark, but it does not fight back.

It makes an opening Through Time, perpendicular to the Logos from which the Milky Way originated. The Gate through Time, to the New Dawn. The New Earth.

How it does that?

By simply putting everything IN Consciousness, allowing shadow and light to merge into a powerful source of pure clear, transparent Light.


Yes, there are still bad times to come. It can't be any different with maniacs at the wheel.

But follow the Light and its wisdom:

Awaken your shadows and put them into the light of your consciousness.

Precisely what triggers you in this Time, the Light of your consciousness wants to see!

Do not fight, but Be Present in your Own Power and do everything on your own Time!

Don't get carried away and rushed, for Time is going to accelerate to be gathered further down in Earth and Astral Time. That's what the dark wants.

Be Light.

Be Wise.

Be aware.

Live your own Time.


Live Light!

maybe you can use the verse below to feel Light, airy, fresh and fruity.

I love you!

The peacock says to the cow:

“Say, do you want to go with me?

Then it's on now."

“I think first,” the cow bellows.

“I don't know what I'm doing yet”

The peacock shows off its tail.

Because color is worth a lot.

He sings in red, green and blue:

"I love you!"

“Boo,” the cow bellows.

"Aaj tink aaj love you too!".

Helma Broekman




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