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Another Brick in The Wall (Englisch)

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For most awake people it is war. The excessive violence used against the population and the increasing genocide-like injections, which are being pushed through at a rapid pace.

It is harrowing to see humanity being provoked, exploited, mistreated and slowly being physically killed.

The more messages you read and the more videos you watch, the sadder or angrier you become. Powerlessness is the shared factor that prevails everywhere.

How did we ever end up in such a world?

It is the End Time. The End of Times. The end of an era.

In the Divine World an end time means an equalization or neutralization of energies. Everything that humanity has ever built and propagated must return in neutrality before the New Earth can reveal itself.

So all the old has to leave the earth, which is too heavy to go to a new (let's hope a better) world. In other words, what is not considered light enough cannot pass through to another age.

Many people are already longing for this other era. A world where there is no more war and equality between all peoples. Freedom is then the shared factor that prevails everywhere.

In order to feel your light within, it does not help to connect in trepidation with the outer world that is currently at war.

Humanity is heading straight for a mega revolution, in which even more violence will not be shunned. And the two camps are no longer perpendicular to each other, but also want to smash each other in the head. Since anger, fear and incomprehension have taken over.

With each transition of an era, a new race wants to form.

Said in earthly terms: a new person wants to form in which the inner freedom creates its world.

Inner freedom can only be felt as soon as there is inner peace within yourself. What arises by not letting yourself be dragged along in your head and heart in the crazy outside world.

The inner world of every human being is naturally peaceful, as long as it does not absorb an aggravation from the outer world.

At each transition of an era, where the old has to disappear in processes and structures, but above all in people, sacrifices are made.

Offers that you already see falling low:

The many dead and chronically ill, who unknowingly took the injection and thereby fell into power-hungry, obsessive hands as a patent.

Often also put by injecting, ignorant people who have followed a quick course here and there to know how to inject subcutaneously.

Internally, more and more people are having a hard time, as they can no longer deal with the extreme stress and become mad with worry and fear.

As I mentioned before, humanity will be tested to the limit, trying to undermine even the basic fundamental rights of Humanity. The coming year will be an unnatural, surreal year.

The false reports are rampant and nobody knows what is true or not anymore.

But all these reports ensure that seeds of doubt and panic are sown in the inner world of people.

A despairing humanity is a wavering humanity.

The more noise, the busier the head, the less the inner voice.

The inner voice does not scream. It whispers….

But humanity listens too little or not at all.

A non-listening humanity is a wavering humanity.

And a wavering race will fall in the End Times.

The End Time is an attack on Mind and Body.

You can still determine your body yourself to keep out of the clutches of the dark:

Do not take the syringe and certainly not a booster.

Live your happiness and enjoy small things, including food you like.

Not for nothing did the Christ say, “What comes out of your mouth is often more harmful than what comes in.”

And today quite a bit comes out of the human mouth…

The attack on the human Spirit is a trickier story. It is in full swing and hardly anyone sees it!

In the media, on Social media and all reports that are unconsciously brought into the world with (inner) shadows, are gripped by the matrix.

The matrix that, with the help of electromagnetic radiation, determines the codes for the subconscious of humanity.

Without realizing it, all humans are reacting exactly as the Dark Forces who are running this End Times on Earth want it to.

They are in charge of the human subconscious if we do not become autonomous about and in our lives.

The actual war is the destruction of the human Spirit.

As soon as it is polluted, embittered and broken, the human soul loses this GPS-functioning Spirit (which is Divine in origin)…

Meditating on 5D for a long time and waiting for a better world is as futile as light drilling holes in the matrix.

To break down the outer walls of oppression, genocide, anger and fear, it is necessary to tear down the inner walls. That only happens if you inwardly manage to keep yourself in balance with your Body & Mind.

Health and resilience takes place in the, pre-eminently electromagnetic, brain.

The brain that is unwilling to the laws of the electromagnetic matrix. Once you calm it, your heart is the one that speaks God's Truth.

In order to be able to break outer walls, one first breaks down his ego and personality wall IN himself.

Outer walls can only disappear by breaking down inner walls.

Another Brick in the Wall.

Helma Broekman




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