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Apocalyptic times

The term is more common lately: Cognitive dissonance.

Or the phenomenon in which people are suddenly more or less forced to see how something really works.

How the truth really works, but cannot or will not reconcile this with what they have always learned or thought.

Their inner world cannot reconcile by the truth that actually comes out today.

Disbelief, disgust and fear prevent the truth from coming deeper inside and thus stretching consciousness more.

Ratio goes the extra mile, by dismissing it as "fantasy" and perhaps an implausible conspiracy theory.

That in recent years the most horrific things have happened in a hurry and all kinds of horror stories about Satanism, genocide, the bullying of the children and the extreme poisoning of humanity, all come true, is a very poignant, and increasingly, worrying event.

The human imagination is slowly stretched, in order to be able to perform more and more repugnant actions with them.

Behind the scenes, scenes take place that the dogs no longer like.

People's consciousness then becomes on the one hand much more open, but on the other hand also more closed, the more horrible the truth becomes.

Groups that want to start their own society, groups that daily pray to God, groups that are waiting for the big rapture, groups that are waiting for salvation from Gesara/Nesara and groups that have a kind of quantum telephone conversation with the other alien races.

It takes a lot, apparently, to find a way in all terror that suits us, to deal with all the atrocities that plague humanity.

The Apocalypse at its best.

And while we must face everything and in no way close our eyes to the evil that is attacking our world, we must still focus on our own inner Light.

We take note of the dark, but we do not get bogged down in it.

What do you do when there is another violent outburst, which humanity hardly thinks possible?

A reality that slowly but surely reveals itself more and more and lets all the pieces fall into place?

Is humanity ready for the next step in consciousness?

Most are done with this old earth and horrible reality. On to 5 D they say.

But is humanity really ready for a new reality?

With a new truth?

For that, everything we never thought possible must first land in ourselves.

The most repugnant and most frightening thing, we have to allow them into our consciousness.

Old truths of recent years will have to be let go even more, before a newer one can be added...

This cosmos works with Free Will.

This also means that each person, individually, is allowed to live his own truth. He can decide for himself what he can or cannot allow.

Free will is something sacred: the dark knows that it cannot ignore it.

So since WWII, humanity has seen signs of the Demiurgical shadow agenda, always drop by drop.

After all, the dark has already shown us everything and presented it to us. Through films, news reports and worldly events.

So we had the opportunity to anticipate this from our free will.

But have we sufficiently noticed the signs?

Our cognitive dissonance has lasted too long, and that's why humanity has some catching up to do.

A catch-up that is beyond imagination.

Let's not forget that it is precisely our ratio that is the plaything of the matrix.

And reason will never be able to absorb the truth in its full extent.

Are you ready to take in the truth?

To accept that the real attack never came from the outside, but is an infiltration from within.

Unseen, unnoticed and unimaginable.

Give the unconscious people bread and games.

Give the awake people repugnant messages.

And the total humanity is therefore "sweet".

In the outer world, humanity is increasingly distracted, so that they will not know and think possible what is actually going on inside.

The disguise at its best.

Of an agenda that is beyond anything else.

Apparently, in apocalyptic times, everything is permissible.

Helma Broekman www.lichtkind.nl www.nieuwedageraad.nl

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