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Building the “future”.

Building the “future”.

Careful preparations have been made for centuries to secure the future for the mighty Elite rulers, all consisting of the 13 draconian bloodlines.

A future that not only secures their mighty empire for another 1000 years, but also their survival (and thus descendants).

A Draconist holds the most leading positions on planet Earth in politics, music, and film. Almost all royal houses belong to the Draconian race and ensure that at least one of their descendants marries another Draconist from a prominent family. So that there is always 1 pure "bloodline" guaranteed.

The future is built in a highly advanced electromagnetic bipolar field, forming a rock-solid matrix of technology.

Very strong light photons are used and energies from the astral (4 dimensional) vibrational field are used to maintain the matrix itself. By using light photons, space / time can be bent, so that work can be done outside the (human) five sensory perception fields.

As a result, no (100% pure) person can trace their method. With the help of the astral field, human souls remain trapped in their five sense field of perception.

That also means that their etheric perception is “trapped”! stronger yet; the etheric field is completely controlled and manipulated by the draconian technology! By capturing souls again and again in the etheric field.

The so-called “soul robe” is taken over by draconically deployed archontic forces. This soul robe, instead of going through the usual soul enlightenment, is put back into one's own soul blueprint.

This soul blueprint is the sum of the previous incarnations and the unlived themes from the last lived life. Imagine a template of a maze, with well-trodden paths. Each person's soul seems to have a choice of which path it chooses, but it is still in the same maze.

The illusion is created again and again that souls have a free choice and come home to the light.

But this light is the false light of the Draconian Black Sun, which is reflected through Saturn to our moon. The satellite / moon is fully aligned with planet earth and ensures that, as soon as humanity itself receives too many photons of light through its crown chakra, a gray haze of ethereal (polluted) energy is again applied in the atmosphere.

Result: humanity remains (without realizing this) completely in the power of the true Satanists (Saturn followers): the Elite rulers who want to continue the dragon empire on planet Earth.

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