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Hello everyone,


The past week there has been a very intense process within myself.

My system has received huge energy impulses whereby the whole wiring of my brain has been adjusted.

Resulting in a complete change of my DNA.

Everything is being prepared by my ALL‑FATHER so that I may be able to pass on more and even more rarefied information. I have hence to be very careful and spare my channel and deep wisdom.

This article is intended to make it clear that much of the information that people are sharing today has no added value and the article is in service of Light itself.

Mankind still reacts way too much to each other. Everything must be commented, have an opinion and everyone wants to be heard.

Everyone finds some topic and wants to let it know.

But it serves nothing !

Each reaction outwards is no reaction inwards. When you turn inwards, no reaction is required.

In addition, sometimes people prefer to receive only beautiful “light” messages rather than the true raw ones.

Just as is wanted by the dark. Exactly the way the matrix works.

I’m prepared. To that what is to come and what will still be unleashed on mankind.

Most messages don’t give me energy, but cost me energy.

Many people want to have fun. Quite logical.

So a quick test then ? Luckily not vaxed. Then a quick test.

A test is, in addition to voluntarily surrendering your DNA to the dark, a satanic act from the black magic of ancient Egypt, which directly destroys your epiphysis.

The epiphysis in mankind is worldwide in development. The dark is horribly wary of this and wants to prevent it by tempting/misleading as many people as possible to the test.

Please note, I don’t attack anyone and I don’t let anyone down.

But those who still feel attacked have inner work to do.

We all are on our way. We all are learning lessons.

Look, I was born in the Netherlands for a reason of course. The heart of evil is here. In Europe. Rome destroyed everything and, after the ancient Egypt era, kept all souls in a recycling mode.

They themselves, disguised in front of mankind as god followers, worshipped the devil.

The information I am allowed to receive is so universal and all‑encompassing that I cannot and will not do anything other than leading a secluded life in which I function as a channel for my FATHER.

Simply because HE asked me to. When I was still a kid.

So all my life I already know who I am and what I carry inside me.

I am careful with that.

The changes that are coming will be gradually implemented. Time and Light will guide me.

It is now being asked by my FATHER to use my time and energy differently.

My channel is too precious for me to broaden it too much. I will therefore no longer answer personal questions. In due course there will come up another way of explaining things to humanity as a whole.

In the coming years (no, we are far from getting out of this as humanity !) more and more wandering, desperate, furious, sad and lost souls will come from the astral field to the earthly realms.

The dead, literally and figuratively, come among the people. Some clairvoyant people already see this. It is a small glimpse into a mega thing to come.

The aura of the vaxed human changes. There are a kind of empty spaces in which the life energy is less present.

Some psychics notice that more and more people are showing such spots. This is true indeed. It is “worn out, astral” energy.

These days it is about finding out how steadfast and confident you are to stand up for your truth.

Each soul chooses itself and makes its own choices. Humanity now has the opportunity to stand up for its own truth and trust in GOD.

My channel has been and is being prepared and trained to bring the unique universal information, directly from SOURCE itself, to planet earth and amongst humanity.

Now, don’t think that if you’re vaxed you’re safe for the future, because that’s not the case either. This is a war for souls ! Vaxed or unvaxed.

Each soul that does not fill itself with Divinity is lost. Talking about love and talking lovingly is different from showing true love for everything around you. And express this in your daily life. People are often still very full of themselves. And there where the (ego) Self is, the Christ cannot reach you…

The true Christ love TRANSCENDS ALL and is only in service of the Light.

For most souls, different conditions and worlds are created by the ALL Father and in that sense, the FATHER does not let a single soul go to waste.

But that is something different than protecting your own skin or saving your life here on the present earth.

We just need to pursue and live the unconditional love !

And we must not let ourselves be tainted with all kind of nonsense from the outside World. Not even from the “wake world”. That too is nutrition from the matrix.

Through the messages and transmissions I will do what is asked of me and what I have been doing for a lifetime :

Proclaiming the Word of the ALL SOURCE and the ORIGINAL WORLD.

But I stick with it :

We are still at the beginning.

Humanity has lacked soul nourishment for too long and unconditional Love has lived too little in past lives. That is why this life is also the final piece of every soul.

The dark’s game is still too active to amass more unconditional love and soul nourishment. In the Divine Worlds, light/dark is absolutely not on the agenda. It is only about the “balance” that may and can be restored now !

Everything is foretold. Everything is clear. Everything is going as it should.

For now, I don’t want to go further into this. Time will tell how it all will/should continue.

Just know what you post. Know what you’re sending out into the world. Let something good affect you more often and feel it deeply in you.

Within the matrix, everything is clear. Mankind should precisely go beyond.

My channel is not meant to appease and to flatter but to wake people up. And bring the truth, however difficult it sometimes is for mankind to receive and understand.

So again :

Turn inside and take the way up.

In love .

Helma Broekman



THANK YOU to please transfer this message widely.

Note : Helma’s videos on Youtube are spoken in Dutch with English subtitles

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