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Human arise and remember yourself.

Jesus says in John's Apocryphon:

Human arise and remember yourself!!!

By these words, Jesus meant not only that we all need to remember again that we are Divinity itself, but also that we have been captives of the archontic energies for as long as we are on earth.

These energies are working together with the true rulers of our planet, behind the scenes of course.

He was trying to prepare us for this era when the battle between light and dark is coming to a head: the End Times that John symbolically speaks of in the book of Revelation.

His message is very consciously packaged symbolically so that only those who are awakened in the mind will understand this message in order to ensure that enough souls of light can initiate the New Earth Consciousness. Without this being prevented by the dark forces of the Cabal and Archons.

Human arise and remember yourself! You have been living in a shadow creation as long as people can remember, which is completely controlled by the opposing forces of the Christ light.

Within a creation matrix in which the false light reigns supreme under the denominator of “light”.

Everything is in the hands of these false light worshipers: the rulers, the entire operating system of the earth, the manipulation of the atmosphere, the worldwide disasters, diseases, attacks and so on.

They are the followers of the Saturn god, or Satanists, who under the guise of the “christ light”, have brought false faith among the people. Originally from the Orion system, positioned on Saturn, controlled from the moon.

The End Times means that the Alcyone cycle is almost at its end after roughly 26000 years. It is not the Earth that physically makes a circular orbit around Alcyone, it is the fact that in the coming centuries other suns will come closer to our Earth. This allows us to use other elements, generated in the suns themselves, which are necessary to bend time and space.

So that makes it possible to transcend the manipulated present creation matrix, allowing each soul to free itself from the reincarnation cycle. And so is his own Divinity. Astral opposing forces, the Archons, are the workers of the creator god. Or the god that we have all come to worship and which is mentioned in the Bible.

It is an ambitious god, who regularly takes revenge on “his people”. But when you speak of the Light, we also speak of Love. Is it Light and Love that make people banish, kill each other or die in a deluge? Is it Light and Love that a god says, "I am a jealous god and besides me there is no other god?" .

The End Times means that due to the approaching of all kinds of suns, there is literally more light. This light is now being put on everywhere at this time. Nothing can remain hidden or remain in the dark any longer. That means that every person in this End Time has the choice: Do you wake up and see through the (archontic) game and prison that all religions and the entire creation matrix actually is?

Or do you fall asleep more deeply and thus remain in the familiar old might game in which you will never find the real liberation of your soul?

Is this End Time your personal downfall or… your personal passage? A passage to a new consciousness in which people become increasingly spiritualized and live together with a higher vibrational frequency and therefore more love?

Both Jesus and John have tried to tell us ages back that there is a lot involved in keeping you in your own shadow, submissive to religion, politics and sickness and death.

As long as you do not awaken within the creation matrix, you will remain busy with survival and self-rejection. The indoctrination of how “sinful” humans are. The whole Bible is full of it!

But as soon as we arise and re-member our True Self, deep down we know very powerfully:

I am Light and divine consciousness is within all of us!

As soon as all human realize this - the creator god's game with his archons is over!

Can we close the old Bible in love for the New Beginning…..a loving free earth……

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