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QR does its job.

For the first time after some long weeks, I was able to sit in front of my laptop again. How much has happened. Yes, in the world indeed, but I have hardly integrated things from that lately. The process that took place inside me was a bit too intensive and extensive, so there was no room left for me to use my energy for anything at all.

Old processes were closed for good, or actually they already were closed but despite that, a person is still to a greater or lesser extent connected to that process with emotional ties. And in an ascension process in which humanity is now en masse, it are precisely these subtle emotional ties that need to become insightful in order to really get yourself free from the emotional archon web.

What strikes me is that everyone is under tension. In other words, under emotional tension.

It is palpable and visible in the field as soon as you tune in to it. The QR code does it job well and more than that. It’s not just a weapon to keep a low profile and insistently tell the untreated people that they are disobedient and acting supposedly dangerous.

It has also become a weapon in the sense that everyone now is afraid of expressing his unvarnished, unsalted opinion (pepper & salt, but not really 😊).

The QR code has us all in its grip. Whether we like it or not. We are daily imbued with the feeling that with an iron regime and illicit means of pressure, our freedom has been completely curbed.

A person is alway connected through emotional ties to his life. Perhaps the true purpose of what is being called “life” is to make sure you get the emotional ties clear and transparent on the way to your physical death. Perhaps the only purpose of living in a body is to become aware of the emotional process and to gradually relieve yourself of “old” (ballast) and of all kinds of “habit patterns”.

So that you can live your physical death in freedom and joy, completely free of old processes and completely stripped of burdensome and aggravating emotional ties.

Why would it not be allowed to express one’s opinion without therefor apologizing that it might not be loving ?

Dropping your opinion specifically on a person and then not taking responsibility for it, that is dropping garbage in someone’s garden. But simply stating your opinion and your feelings ? Powerful. As long as you’re not attacking anyone specifically, is this not also light‑work ? It makes someone authentic.

And of course, we have to be friendly and loving, but it seems to me that being loving has it limits.

Being loving is precisely showing a vulnerable part from your authenticity, knowing that this apparently affects everyone in a group.

Because, don’t you notice that especially among the awake group of people, the playing field is narrowed quite a bit ?

That there is less and less space and guts to be able to share your opinion, your emotions and your entire view of current history in an unvarnished way ?

As I said before : that QR code does it job more than well.

And they love the QR. They are fond of it. And they don’t just let go their business card, their advertising board. They are going to honour it and glorify it even more.

Even the Christmas movies on Netflix are not what they used to be. It is simply striking that they all match the same (pattern), except for a so‑called happy ending.

All the protagonists live with their mobile phones, with which the Adonis then often calls. And it is striking that it is a lot about restaurants, pleasant visits, dates in the most idyllic places, decorated with the most beautiful Christmas lights.

But… let’s just take a QR scan. That is normal. That is part of it.

Humanity is increasingly getting a normal emotional bond and attachment to the QR.

But we, as awake people, have to be careful not to catch every time each other’s fish.

Sometimes it’s like a rat colony.

Unsolicited, they send their so‑called spiritual enlightened program in your chatbox. Unsolicited yes.

Had that particular person ever declined beause it didn’t feel right for him. But as soon as you apparently give an answer that the other person does not want to hear,the anchors of that other person start to do their job well.

Boundaries are ignored and despite the spiritual aspect of the other, people forget to look within themselves. And instead of honestly being introspective with oneself, one projects his own shadow completely onto the other.

Everything is fine for me.

I can’t even take polluting texts. I simply don’t pick them up. I can’t. It’s about the inner freedom without anchors from others.

As humanity we are still in this together for a while. The dark is just getting underway and intriguing things await us.

But it is also special to experience how everything is already known in the Light. And is certain.

Humanity can also rely on that.

But in the meantime we should take care to keep our own Light as pure as possible and not to put our own emotional anchors in the other.

Because the funny thing is that a QR code does not indicate the boundary among humanity, but the extent to which the other person tries to bind you emotionally. Or vice versa, you the other.

Only you yourself know that.

Freedom or not.

It is only in the emotional aspect.

Freedom or not.

It is only in the just sticking to old processes.

Helma Broekman



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