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Surreal World

To be able to follow the crazy, violent and frightening world today, a deeper understanding of the current surreal world is necessary. Surrealism ensures that the visual and textual imagination power of the human is detached from logic and thought. A chasm has occurred between the ability of the God‑Human to create his own world through his imagination, and his logical mind to understand his world. Through this inner chasm, that all people now experience, fear, disbelief, sadness and anger arise. That is a logical consequence of this gap and belongs to a human being. Because of this gap in his inner world, the subconscious has been confused. The subconscious is normally the basis from which every human being lives and reacts. It largely determines his behaviour, his emotions and his thoughts. The layer of civilization that mankind has developed since the arrival of Homo Sapiens is only as thin as paper. The moment a complete disaster breaks out and a major catastrophe takes place, the saying “love your neighbour” is no longer on the agenda. In an apocalyptic world, everyone will try to save his own skin and out of sheer survival instinct, will first get himself to safety. A surrealistic world ensures that through the created inner chasm, where the imagination has been torn from logic, the subconscious of man is urged to create suggestive, revealing and often horrifying images. In other words: Man is forced by a surreal world to make his own suggestive truth. When a strong survival instinct is added, as has been going on for the past 2 years, his own suggestive truth about reality becomes frightening and horryfying. Man is becoming more and more caught up in his own horrifying truth about the world. People are becoming more and more caught up in their own horrifying image on corona policy. Man gets more and more caught up in his own nightmare. A nightmare from which awakening is far from an option, because the game has not yet been played. It continues until humanity will be checkmated. The pawns are not yet sufficiently provoked, exhausted and maddened. Man is put into play as the pawn. Satan as the King and the government as the Bishop(-defector). The human subconscious is very active in this surreal world. Trying to understand the logic again. And as good as it goes, to pick up the thread of his own life again. To continue as it always was. But that what was, is gone forever. Humanity is going through a timeline that says the past will never return. And that the future is far from here. Who else wil tell humanity now ? How everything should and will continue ? By deliberately making our world more and more surreal, we lose more and more our creative power because we can no longer believe what is happening to humanity now. As we lose our creative power, we increasingly lose our God‑power. Go live your own life very purposefully. Close to yourself and use your inner feeling as a compass. Engage your imagination. As a child you dreamed reality. Everything was possible, through your cars, drawings and dolls. Where is the creative power in you ? The first step to taking back your Divine power is to close the gap between imagination or fantasy and logic. Who says fairytales don’t exist ? And miracles don’t happen ? The look outwards is the surrealistic. The look inwards is the realistic. Together the complete reality. Find your sacred balance in this… For now, humanity is stuck even longer in the chess game of the dark. But does it matter whether you are on the chessboard as Pawn, King or Bishop ? Because regardless of your function, behaviour or actions, only GOD himself holds the chessboard. Have trust in HIS carrying capacity. HE never drops the chessboard. But humanity needs even more earthly time to fully discover itself… My name is Helma Broekman, an autonomous divine being. Positioned in this End Time on planet Earth. Fantasy or reality ? You decide it yourself.

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